Farm To Fork Dinner
Farm To Fork Dinner

Local Farm To Fork Dinner Experience

Start fresh with our local, Farm To Fork Dinner experience and let us tease your palate! In addition to being hand crafted, our chefs personally select the ingredients from our small farm setting. Furthermore, ticket price includes a free, farm tour! Here you can learn more about regenerative farming and get gardening tips directly from the farmer.

Consequently, our small farm has gained quite the reputation for hosting fun filled, dinner parties. First of all, get your tickets. Then, find your favorite tie-dye themed outfit and get ready to eat. Most of all, remember to wear closed toe shoes and dress appropriately.

Maybe the most exciting part is that you actually get to see where you meal is grown. Because we practice Regenerative Agriculture, our food is naturally herbicide and pesticide free. Additionally, the wide range of crops we grow offers many new and creative menu items. Either way, make sure to tell your friends and reserve seats early!

Farm To Fork Dining Experience

Because the event is being catered by Tom And Lin Catering Company, we will not have an exact menu until the day of the event. While this may cause some dietary restraints, we are committed to providing the freshest ingredients possible. Therefore, we ask that you write any special meal requests to the notes section when purchasing tickets online.

Because our friends at the Huss Brewing company are sponsoring the event, we ask that you drive safely. Most of all, please reserve a designated driver or use rideshare accommodations. Rather than take a chance, just plan ahead and be safe.

Finally, due to the COVID-19 health pandemic, we are requesting that all guests wear a facemask. Additionally, we have taken extra safety measures to help keep everyone safe. However, it is up to you to practice safe social distancing. So, get your tickets and get ready for the best, Spring Dinner Event in Arizona!

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