DIY Canning Classes

DIY Canning Classes At Rhiba Farms

Start preserving food the old fashioned way, with our DIY Canning Classes! In addition to saving time and money, you can also start eating healthier. Because we believe in education and sharing resources, we have arranged to have Angie from MillBrook Urban Farms present an onsite canning class!

Also known as “The Green Garden Chick” Angie has a small urban farm in South Mountain, Phoenix. She has been working for years on the best practices for canning Jams, Jellies, Meats, Fruits and Vegetables. In fact, there may even be an entire canning class dedicated to just the art of pickling.

Either way, make sure you register early, as space is limited and sure to fill up fast. Due the the extreme heat, we will be starting classes early in the morning. So make sure to get well rested the night before. Additional specifics are still being worked out, but we will keep you posted on Facebook and Instagram as times and dates are confirmed.

Register Early And Learn How To Preserve Food At Home

While the exact time and dates are still being worked out, we do know this much. Despite the Summer heat, we will host multiple canning workshops throughout the next couple of months. As part of our home canning series, we will also be giving away a free* Preserving Starter Canning Kit to one lucky person at the end of our introductory class. So that more people can attend, we will have canning classes onsite at Rhiba Farms and at the Gilbert Farmers Market.

With this in mind, we remind everyone to dress appropriately. We suggest something that will breath easily as temperatures are expected to get hot! You may also want to bring a hat and some sunscreen. Of course, you should always bring a water bottle to stay hydrated and wear closed toe shoes.

At the end of each canning class, you will have the option to purchase a bulk box of produce at a reduced price. Due to seasonal availability, we can not guarantee the exact items you will receive. However, everything is guaranteed to be farm fresh and harvested the day before pick-up. All in all, this is an excellent opportunity to learn, hands-on the best DIY canning tips and tricks.

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