Moon Journeys Arizona
Moon Journeys Arizona

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Join us for Moon Journeys Arizona, Saturday May 15th! Starting at 6PM, we will embark on an evening of magic, nourishment, therapy and even chocolate! As we begin the journey, please remember this is true, celebration beneath the smiling moon. Likewise, we are a growing collective of healers, coaches, Yogini’s, breath-work and sound therapy facilitators. Additionally, Reiki, meditation, guided visualization practitioners, and light workers of every modality come together in a spirit of community.

Furthermore, we host both, in-person, as well as online events. If you feel like it’s time to grow, (whatever that means for you as a facilitator or as an event participant) join us, be curious, and step into the realms of what is possible! So, come co-create with us May 15th from 6-9:30 PM. Since the venue will be at Rhiba Farms in San Tan Valley, you can even invite a friend.

So long as you believe that anything is possible, it will manifest. In addition to connecting under the Increscent phase of our moon, we will also journey deeper through the use of Sound Therapy and energy work. Of course there is more, but we like to keep a little mystery in the air.

Ceremony Beneath The Smiling Moon

However, I will tell you a little about the Cacao Ceremony. Because the use of raw cacao as a health elixir dates back hundreds of years, we wanted to share this experience with you. In addition to opening your heart chakra, raw cacao has many nutrients that both support and nourish the body. Without giving away all the secrets, I will say that the ceremonial dose is 1-2 ounces of cacao mixed into a drink.

Overall, your health and wellbeing are the most important things to focus on during this time of celebration. After all, we will be hosting the event onsite at Rhiba Farms! During your visit you will have time to gaze beneath the moon and enjoy the small, urban farm setting. Additionally, each participant will go home with a free* farmbox.

That’s right! End your Spiritual Journey with something to nourish your body as well as your soul. Because Farmer Mark believes that everyone should have access to fresh produce, we are sending you home with a box of freshly harvested produce. So come check it out and celebrate beneath the moon!

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