Great Pumpkin Rescue

Join Us For The Great Pumpkin Rescue!

Join us for The Great Pumpkin Rescue and help us compost your Halloween Pumpkins! Starting the day after Halloween, RhibaFarms and Rover Elementary School will be working to help keep your old pumpkins out of the trash. All you have to do is drop-off your old pumpkins in one of the designated, Blue colored bins at the pick-up location nearest you.

In addition to our partnership with Rover Elementary school, we will also have drop-off locations at RhibaFarms and the Gilbert Farmers Market. Because of the seasonal nature of this program, our Pumpkin Collection bins will be available November 1st – 6th at the Tempe and San Tan Valley Locations. However, the Gilbert compost barrels will only be available on Saturday, November 6th.

Although the Great Pumpkin Rescue Program only lasts one week, you can continue composting at home. In fact, home compost is one of the best ways to build soil nutrients in your garden. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, composting actually puts nutrients back into the soil in a safe and natural way.

Compost Your Halloween Pumpkins November 1-6

Notably, you will see larger and more abundant produce or flowers when using compost regularly. For instance, RhibaFarms uses a generous mixture of compost and natural soil additives to produce a large number of edible crops.

While we can explain the process, sometimes seeing is believing. So why not sign up for one of our local farm tours? Tickets are only $5. each and you can bring the entire family! In addition to learning more about composting pumpkins, you can see our livestock and get gardening advice straight from the farmer.

To summarize, The Great Pumpkin Rescue is happening now! (November 1st-6th) By and large, most of the pumpkins will be recycled as feed for the goats and chickens on our urban farm. Whatever the animals can not eat will be composted back into the soil as part of the regenerative agriculture process.

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Compost Halloween Pumpkins

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