Learn how to hatch baby chicks at home with your family .

Would you like to learn more about how to hatch baby chicks at home? Learn, hands-on, with our Cooper’s Chicks Program! Specifically geared towards teaching young children the value of hard work and responsibility.

A few things before we get started…

Please take a moment to read over the course outline below. It is important that you and your family commit to the entire time needed for the eggs to hatch.

Start by contacting Mark Rhine at Rhiba Farms. Simply mention that you would like to take part in the “Cooper’s Chicks” educational program and we will work to get you everything needed.

Remember to set up your incubator ahead of time! The most important thing is that you keep the temperature at a regulated 99.5 degrees. It is also important to maintain a consistent humidity level.

You can typically expect eggs to begin hatching in around three weeks. Please put off any desire to help the chicks get out of their shell, and let them enter the world on their own.

Register for Coopers Chicks online, or in person at our weekly Farmers Market in San Tan Valley, Arizona.