Recipes inspired by Natural Ingredients and good, Old Fashioned Home Cooking

Join the #RhibaRecipes community where we create and share our favorite recipes. All recipes include 100% Natural Ingredients, grown locally on our small farm in San Tan Valley. Click here to order weekly farmboxes online. We now deliver to Phoenix, Scottsdale and Gilbert, Arizona! 

“After bringing produce home, I often sauté greens in olive oil and season them with salt and pepper.”

“Kale Chips have been a thing for while now, but I also love Kale salad. I kept what I did pretty basic, so I had an easy lunch today.”

“Along with a scrambled egg, all the ingredients came from my Rhiba Farms Farmbox and made great fillings.”

“Brunch Toast With Medusa Mushrooms and Sunny Side Up Egg. Inspired by my RhibaFarms Farmbox!”

“Breakfast Scramble – I stared by roasting the Medusa Mushrooms from my RhibaFarms farmobx.”.”

“Today’s toast features Arugula and Greek Oregano as well as an egg from my weekly farmbox.”

“Up until now, I’ve always sautéed my chard or used it raw. However, this week I decided to make chard chips.”

“I was excited to use the edible flowers, but wanted to try something I hand not done before.”

“This week I used the carrots and mushrooms to make a rich, vegetable stock, used in a Carrot-Coconut Soup.”

“Everything pairs well together and gives the salad a bit of sharpness, bite while adding some lively color to your plate.”

“What can I cook with fennel? Step outside your comfort zone and try a Sautéed Fennel Omelette.”

“Quick, Easy, Tasty! Try the Smoked Turkey and Collared Greens Sandwich using ingredients from your farmbox.”

“I used the cilantro in the Smothered Beef and the spinach with ginger and green chilies.”

“A quick salad of lettuce, grated golden beet, pea shoots and a hard-boiled egg. “

“Let’s call it, Hard-Boiled Eggs With Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce On Toast.”

“It only requires a few ingredients that you probably already have on hand.”

Lemon Balm Tea Recipe

“All I needed for the recipe was water, lemon balm , and honey.”

“Start with an extra thick, blue corn tortilla and spread a layer of butter on one side…”

“What’s in it? Two small jalapeño, roasted garlic tortillas and Craft Beer Cheddar.”

“Using ingredients from my FarmBox: Add them to leftovers for a new taste/dimension.”

“Check out the Spicy Carrot Cake Bars I made using Carrots from my Rhiba Farms FarmBox.”