Everyday, people ask us how they can be more involved with Regenerative Agriculture. Two of the biggest advantages to regenerative agriculture farming is size and sustainability.

Because we are a small farm, innovation and symbiotic relationships with the Earth are key! Our Regenerative Agriculture model not only fights climate change, but helps our species evolve along with the universe.

Keep the cost of regenerative agriculture down when you donate to Rhiba Farms!

Independent farmers have a huge battle ahead of us. Simply keeping land developers and high density housing always is one of our biggest struggles. Additional push back from Zoning and Building Safety departments adds to the cost and decreased productivity of running a small farm. 

Because Rhiba Farms is a For Profit Organization, your donation is not tax deductible. However, for a limited time, we are giving away a FREE* Rhiba Farms Hat with your donation of $50. or more. Hurry, supply is limited to availability!